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Is There a Connection Between The Keto Diet and Hair Loss?

I came across an article in Women’s Health Magazine asking if the Keto Diet can cause hair loss. In reviewing this article, I note that there is little evidence that the Keto Diet has much impact on increased hair loss though people on this diet complain of hair loss attributed to it. This piece indicates that a deprivation of protein can cause an increase in shedding, which is true. However, this diet program allows for significant intake of protein.

If, however, the diet causes a person to lose a lot of weight and quickly, this definitely can be the cause of noticeable hair loss. This situation causes a physiologic stress on the human body. This particular kind of stress commonly causes a temporary increase of shedding called telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium usually begins within a few weeks of the rapid weight loss and can last for three to six months after that time. Once the body’s metabolism stabilizes, which can take several more weeks, the hair typically grows back.

It is important to note, though, if a person already had male or female pattern hair loss—even though it may not have been noticed before the telogen effluvium, when the “stress” is removed, the person’s hair may not grow back as fully it had been before the significant weight loss.

A healthy diet is important for all; if weight loss is necessary, it best to decrease caloric intake and to increase exercise so that weight loss is not too much, too soon.

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates