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Rogaine Foam is now available in a fragrance-free formulation!

rogaineFinally, our wish has come true!

Rogaine Foam is now available in a fragrance-free formulation! One of the very biggest complaints my patients have expressed about Rogaine Foam has been the scent in that they either don’t like it at all or that it clashed with their perfume or cologne. Women, especially, have told me that they hate the fact that the fragrance was too overpowering and even that it gave many of them headaches.

Now, all of you who have not been using the current version of Rogaine Foam because of its fragrance can get great benefits from the medication without the aggravating scent. I was informed today from the folks at Johnson and Johnson that the FRAGRANCE-FREE Rogaine Foam is currently only available in Target stores, but it will be much more widely distributed soon. I would suggest that you call your local Target store before driving to it to be sure that it is stocked…