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“Dr. Leonard is a cool guy and a great surgeon. I definitely made the right choice.”

Chris Gronkowski
3-year NFL Veteran


Rafael Nadal needs another hair transplant

It was recently reported that tennis great Rafael Nadal may undergo another hair transplant. I am not at all surprised! I have been observing his ever-thinning head of hair for several years. The bandana he usually wears probably is to cover his hair loss in […]

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Capillus272: Convenient, On-the-Go Hair Restoration

Many of our patients lead busy lives. However, every man and woman experiencing hair loss deserves to have an option that respects a lively schedule and the desire for reasonable privacy. To help cater to these needs, we offer the Capillus272, a state-of-the-art laser-based hair […]

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Capillus272 Mobile Laser Device

As a hair restoration surgeon, I feel that it is imperative to offer all medically sound and scientifically proven treatments for hair loss for those men and women concerned about losing their hair. I have offered Rogaine products since they became available in the late […]

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HairDr Line – Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spray

I’ve been asked thousands of times for my recommendations for hair care products.  After working with a chemist and investigating key ingredients that provide health to the follicles, I unveiled my own hair care line called HairDr.  This product line was specifically formulated for people […]

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Amy Finn, one of my very special patients

It is with great sadness that I report that Amy Finn, one of my very special patients, lost her courageous battle with brain cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, underwent brain surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. After all of this, she […]

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Proper daily hair care is important.

What I mean by this is doing things that can damage existing hair. We all know that if people are losing hair, every single hair their head is precious to them! What needs to be understood is that proper daily hair care is important. Many […]

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