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“Dr. Lopresti is a cool guy and a great surgeon. I definitely made the right choice.”

Chris Gronkowski
3-year NFL Veteran

Dr. Matthew Lopresti on Entering the Field of Hair Restoration

One of the most defining characteristics that we possess is our hair. Our hair may indicate a reflection of personal beliefs, attitude, age, gender and even religious beliefs. In fact, hair can even play a key role in displaying emotion as well as protecting us from foreign body invasion—I mean, our eyebrows! It is no surprise then that losing our hair can be difficult to experience and, for some of us, devastating. However, hair loss, for the majority of us, can be treated. It is for these reasons, as well as having many, many males (and females) who have experienced hair loss within my own family, that I decided to pursue the invigorating field of hair restoration.

I met Dr. Leonard when I was a fourth year medical student. It was an elective month for me during my last year of medical school training. I chose the elective out of pure interest and intrigue. As I mentioned, I have many people within my own family who had lost their hair and it was something that worried me on a daily basis.

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Dr. Matthew Lopresti

I needed to know whether hair loss could be prevented or at the very least, to have the process slowed. To my surprise and relief, excellent options existed. At the time I had met Doc, I decided then and there that I was going to be proactive.

Losing one’s hair, no matter to any extent, weighs frequently on one’s thoughts. I thought about the possibility of losing my hair for years; it was about time that I put my foot forward in treating the problem now rather than someday solving the problem. I started both Propecia and Rogaine Foam and have continued to do so for eight plus years. These preventative treatments  work! In fact, they work well but, it has taken a commitment on my part for them to be successful; however, I had already made the commitment to worry about hair loss–so making the commitment to now treat and prevent further loss—has been worth the decision.

I have been fortunate to train at Boston Medical Center and to have undertaken a Fellowship through Harvard Medical School, which was followed by a Medical Director position in Spinal Cord Injuries at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital. I have been fortunate to meet so many people and have been amazed by what the human body and mind can accomplish. We, as physicians, pledge to help people regardless of the scope of need.

Over a year ago, Doc  made a phone call to me asking if I’d like to join his practice, his team…his passion. We’ve been friends for years.  What better way to join a colleague who I respected and, more importantly, saw as a close friend as if he were a family member? So, I entered the field of hair restoration without hesitancy; it had embraced me with open arms. Additionally, Doc’s team with whom he has worked and has trusted heartily also accepted me with the same trust and respect that Doc has had for me. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I have made a promise and devotion to the field of hair restoration. I have been blessed to become part of such a prestigious practice. I look forward to the possibility of giving to those that Doc has given for all of these years.
Doc has 27 years of knowledge that he has acquired in the field. Over the past year I have enthusiastically adopted those fine skills by his teaching. In fact, that training and trust that Doc has bestowed upon me will provide me the skills to perform the most important procedure of all… performing Dr. Leonard’s own hair transplant!

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