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FUE Donor Site Day After Hair Transplant

When considering an FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) hair transplant it’s important to know what to expect in the days, weeks and months after surgery day. Knowledge is power when it comes to researching hair loss treatments, and at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates we encourage our patients to ask a lot of questions so that everyone is on the same page for that hair restoration plan.

Each patient’s skin tone and texture is unique, which causes the healing process to vary. We strongly recommend that our FUE surgery patients come into our office a day or two after their procedure to have their scalp washed. Our highly trained technicians thoroughly shampoo the patient and provide guidance on how to wash their hair for the first few days at home. Cleaning the transplanted area and donor site will speed up the healing time and minimize crusting, which make the procedure less noticeable.

FUE donor site day after surgery

The image to the right demonstrates what the donor site of an FUE patient typically looks like the day after surgery once the scalp is washed. The grafts are harvested from the donor site during surgery leaving miniaturized scars that look like tiny dots. Once these scars heal they are not noticeable and you can go back to having a short or long hairstyle with no concerns about visibility.

FUE patients can wear a baseball hat for the first few days if they wish to cover the donor site while it heals. After approximately 10-14 days is when these pink dots become hidden and the remaining donor hair grows around them. Our team is passionate about patient care and will be there every step of the way after your FUE procedure to answer questions and provide guidance.