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Facial Hair Restoration can add density and also hide defects and scars

When most people think of hair transplantation, they think of correcting hair loss to the scalp. However, we at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates also transplant hair to other parts of the body where more hair is desired. A not so common such area is to a person’s face. Facial hair loss can be upsetting, but there are solutions available to treat this condition.

The need for facial hair transplantation can be from:

It is common for us at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to perform a hair transplant in the eyebrow region. Eyebrow hair restoration may be recommended if they are over plucked, caused from illness, or if a person’s eyebrow are just too thin.

Sideburn transplantation is also performed if a man’s sideburns grow too thin or will not grow long enough. Sometimes, one side is much thinner than the other. And, we fix this asymmetry.

In some cultures, having facial hair is highly desirable—especially in Middle Eastern ones. These men want facial hair restoration for cultural or religious reasons and to feel better about themselves and to be more masculine.

Hair restoration surgery is also important for the Transgender patients who are specifically transitioning from female to male. These patients prefer to have facial hair as an important expression of masculinity.

Finally, after cleft lip repair procedures, moustache transplants are performed. Hair replacement can be done after removal of cancers on the face. If a patient experiences hair loss after another surgery from an injury that negatively impacts facial hair, we can also transplant the area for a more natural appearance.

Dr. Robert Leonard
Founder and Chief Surgeon