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Jamison Coyle
NHL Network Host

Getting Back into Your Hair Loss Treatment Regimen

What a wonderful summer we have had here in New England this year. Hot, sunny, and bright days, however, are slowly coming to and end. Vacations, changes in typical routine, and days at the beach commonly throw us off our necessary hair loss treatment regimen.

end-of-summerRemember, hair loss therapies including Rogaine Foam, Propecia, and the Auxo A300™ laser device need to be used as they have been recommended by Dr. Lopresti and myself. Continuous and regular usage is key to their success.

Several patients I have seen during the summer have indicated that they have sort of “fallen off the wagon” with the regularity of their usage of these hair loss treatments.  It’s time now, that we are back into our school or work routines to get back to your proper hair loss routines, too! Success is only achieved by regularity in their use!

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon