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Fred Toucher
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4 Common Questions about Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Q: Does Rogaine Foam need to be used for life?

A: Yes. Remember that genetic hair loss always is progressive. It will get worse unless you treat it! Rogaine Foam works about 50% of the time to slow down hair loss rate and about 50% to re-grow hair. It only works while it is topically applied to stimulate the hair follicles. So, if you discontinue its use, then the benefits it provided will reverse after about 6 months…and you will go back to where you would have been with your hair status as if you hadn’t used it at all. It’s like the old saying: “Use it or lose it”!

Doc revised headshotQ: Is that the same for Propecia and for the low level laser device?

A: It is the same situation with Propecia. This medication works 83% to stabilize loss and 66% to regrow hair in the crown; again, if you stop it, it will stop working. Our vast experience with The Low Level laser device, which works to stabilize hair loss and to re-grow hair, has shown that a small percentage of people using it will have reversal of benefits if they use it for at least one year. However, I always recommend that people use it for the long term.

Q: Why does transplanted hair grow in areas that have become thin or bald?

A: Hair along the sides and back of a person’s head grows, in nearly everyone, for their lifetime. These follicles are not typically affected by hair loss. So, if the follicles from back there are surgically transplanted to areas that are thin or bald, they will keep their genetic integrity to continue to grow in their new location. In other words, the soil in the balding area will not poison the plants (transplants) moved into it. This is why hair restoration surgery or hair transplantation is so successful. It provides for your own growing hair to be stored to where it used to be.

Q: Is the Copper Chemist hair care products safe to use in color-treated hair and African American hair?

A: Yes. The Copper Chemist line contains no sulfates, phthalates, or parabens, which are not good for these situations or far any hair. They have natural volumizers and moisturizers, which create a fuller, thicker, and healthier look to your hair. Additionally, they contain copper peptides that help to make the follicle as healthy as possible. Healthy follicle…healthy hair.

Dr. Robert Leonard

Founder and Chief Surgeon