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Signs of Hair Loss in Selfies

It seems like everywhere you go these days there is someone taking a picture with his or her cell phone. The idea of going to a concert, sporting event or show without seeing dozens of camera phones up in the air seems absurd. With all of these pictures stored in our phones, it can be fun to go back a few years and see how we use to dress or style our hair. What is not so fun is seeing how much hair we have lost over the years.

Patients often tell me that they when they look in the mirror they can see their hair thinning a little bit. When they look at pictures, it is a completely different story as they really can see the true amount of hair loss. Dr. Leonard and I stress to all of our patients that the most important thing is stopping hair loss from getting worse with medical treatments.

We offer a comprehensive range of options to help combat hair loss. Platelet Rich Plasma with ACell Therapy (PRP), The Auxo A300 Laser Device, Propecia and Rogaine are all wonderful treatments to stabilize the progression of hair loss in men and women. It is easier to keep the hair you have on your head than it is to replace it!

Keep in mind that 50% of your hair is already gone before you first start to notice hair loss. If you are noticing less and less hair compared to those pictures in your phone, do not put off treatment. Early detection and treatment are critical in stopping further hair loss. Moreover, imagine how great you will look when you take your next selfie!

Dr. Matthew Lopresti

Chief Surgeon