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“Do what I did: go see Dr. Lopresti and fill in your SkyDome.”

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Hairlines July 2006 Edition

Big John Bina was featured in the Providence Journal’s MidLives Series where he candidly speaks about losing his hair and his decision to do something about it.

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August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month. How much do you know? Fact or myth?

1. Hair restoration surgery is pluggy.
Myth: Modern hair transplant technology is virtually undetectable; today’s grafts contain only one, two or three hairs!

2. Hair loss is inherited from either or both sides of the family.
Fact: It is a misconception that male pattern hair loss is genetically transferred only by the mother.

3. Wearing a hat too much leads to hair loss.
Myth: Ninety-eight percent of hair loss is due to genetics; wearing hats has no effect on hair falling out.

4. Daily shampooing is recommended for the best health of hair follicles.
Fact: True, even twice-daily shampooing and regular hair coloring have no impact on hair loss.

5. Clogged hair follicles can be the cause of hair loss.
Myth: Hair loss is due to genetics, biochemistry and decreased blood flow to the scalp. Clogged hair follicles do not contribute.

Unlike in days past, today’s hair transplants can go unnoticed by even the closest of relatives and friends. With the latest technology in hair restoration surgery, we will continue to provide natural results.

In 2004, 88,000 people in the U.S. underwent surgery to combat their hair loss. Do you know someone who could benefit from a complimentary, confidential consultation? See the Forward to a Friend button below.

You are not alone: half of all men and a quarter of all women will experience significant thinning and loss of hair. Feel free to call me at 1-888-284-9558.

Dr. Robert Leonard
Founder & Chief Surgeon