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"Dr. Lopresti is great. We both have young kids, similar interests, are both into sports, taking care of ourselves and being the best people we can be."

Jamison Coyle
NHL Network Host

Not only do we rejuvenate our patients, but we refresh ourselves, too!

Not only do we rejuvenate our patients, but we refresh ourselves, too!  

No, I haven’t had my face lifted…yet!  What we did do was a total renovation our Cranston office’s waiting area and consultation room as well as to paint the remainder of the interior, to install a TV and new lighting.  

The building at 922 Reservoir Avenue was built in the 1920’s and had been the decades-long home and office of a beloved dermatologist.  It was a dental office before we bought it.  On January 1, 1991, then-Governor Bruce Sundlun closed many Rhode Island credit unions in order avoid a bank run known as the “RI Credit Union Crisis”.  This property was one of the foreclosed buildings, which we bought later that year.

It was then that I met Libby Manocchia, who at that time was in the construction industry.  Libby and his crew gutted, updated, and completely adapted the building to suit our unique practice of hair restoration surgery.  

In 1993, we moved Leonard Hair Transplant Associates to Cranston from our first location in Providence.  

Since then, we have made several updates in and out, but not like this major change in the complete appearance and ambiance of our office. Patients, new and old, have given the updates rave reviews and have appreciated the more comfortable environment.

Take a look at the changes.