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Fred Toucher
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Refresh How You Look And Feel For The Holidays And The New Year!

There is nothing like feeling and looking as good as you can when visiting with friends and family—especially during the holiday season.  It is not at all uncommon for me to hear from patients that even though they may feel pretty good about how they look, they are told by others that they look tired or they appear angry.  And, when they then take another good look in the mirror, this realization stares them back in their faces.

One very common reason for this mis-match is the existence of wrinkles and/or drooping of facial skin.  We all hold a lot of tension in the forehead area, the glabella (which is the area between the eyebrows), and around the eyes.  These wrinkles are called forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet, respectively.  Add this with our hectic lifestyles and staring into computer or smartphones screens —no wonder we look older than we want to look!  THIS IS WHERE BOTOX CAN HELP!

Botox relaxes the muscles that constantly contract with this tension and cause the wrinkles to form within the skin above them.  By treating these muscles, the wrinkles melt away—along with the older appearance they caused.

Other areas of the face have wrinkling and lack of youthful fullness, not from muscle contraction, but from decreased tone in the skin—a very common result of aging. Collagen, which provides structure and firmness to the skin, begins to degrade causing flattening and sagging of the skin. Wrinkles begin to become prominent between the nose and the mouth, below the corners of the mouth; the former “high cheekbones” have disappeared; there are hollowed out areas in the temples; and there are other areas that could use a little “plumping”…ALL OF THIS CAN BE GREATLY HELPED WITH FILLERS!

As the holiday season approaches, feel free to contact the office to arrange for a complimentary consultation with me about these issues that may be bothering you.  If you have already had some of these treatments, call for more!