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Wes Welker
12-year NFL Veteran and 5x Pro Bowl Selection

Summer is a time for enjoyment!

Happy summer! I just returned from a visit to my family on a somewhat remote island in Greece where the sun was shining and hot. I did a few seaside hair loss consultations–in Greek–when people learned that I was a hair restoration surgeon. I can never get away from work!

I know that summer can be an emotionally tough time for men and women experiencing hair loss. Warm weather, sunshine, visiting the beach, and outdoor activities all lead to concern that thinning hair is more noticeable. Some don’t want to go out in the sun, go to the beach, or even go to lunch, worried that people will notice their hair loss.

In fact, it is often during the summer months that a man or woman will first notice hair loss. Sunburn of the scalp can be the first sign of thinning hair. (That’s what happened to me on a beach vacation to Mexico more than a decade ago. I’ve been taking Propecia ever since…and have never again gotten a sunburn on my scalp.) However, there are ways to look and feel better about hair loss during these precious few months, so you can focus on a pleasurable summer.

-Protect yourself: Wear sunscreen on your head/scalp and wear a hat when in direct sunshine.

-Talk to your stylist: Discuss the ways to style your hair that are more wind, water, and element friendly.

-Restore your confidence: Look into hair loss treatment options, such as medical treatments, low level laser light therapy, and hair transplant surgery.

As for me, I’m focusing on mixing business with pleasure this summer. On my way home from Greece, I stopped to visit a colleague in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a very fascinating place with its significant diversity of religions, cultures, and history. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Island of Lesvos, make sure you talk to me before you go–I can hook you up with lots of great things to see and do!

– Doc