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Matt Grzelyck
Boston Bruins Player

Television Detective Kevin Chapman not Private About his Successful Hair Transplant

Kevin Chapman with Dr. Leonard

Kevin Chapman with Dr. Robert Leonard

Hollywood actor Kevin Chapman from Massachusetts has been gracing television series and movies for three decades. But, his image onscreen is not the reason why he chose to have a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Robert Leonard.  Kevin shared that his decision to move forward with a hair transplant was mainly for life outside the studio, “in my line of work, makeup can always (add hair),” and he wanted to look the same offset in his everyday life.

Kevin stars as Detective Lionel Fusco in the CBS crime drama, “Person of Interest,” he is also known for previous roles in movies such “Mystic River” and “Unstoppable” as well as, television series including “24” and “Rescue Me.”  He is a regularly recognized personality on the streets of Boston.

When looking back on his decision, Kevin recalls that he “came here (to see Dr. Leonard) with (a) kind of stigma in back of (his) head…. having grown up watching Frank Sinatra going through plugs.” But, things are much different today as Dr. Leonard regularly points out; technology has come a long way.

Twenty-five years ago, grafts used to contain 25 to 35 hairs. Today, however, surgeons are able to be much more meticulous and work with much smaller grafts that contain only one to three hairs making the transplant results look more natural.  Additionally, in the past, large grafts were very spaced out significantly whereas today, there is only about a millimeter between them, providing a natural look even after only one transplant session.

In May 2013, Kevin arrived at Leonard Hair Transplant Associates’ Cranston office to undergo his procedure.  Dr. Leonard utilized the Follicular Unit Excision ( FUE ) technique which is a minimally invasive procedure that individually extracts each follicular unit from the donor area.  These grafts are then transplanted into thinning or bald areas.  Today, Kevin is extremely happy, even joking that his new hair may result in a leading role!

“Kevin was a great candidate for the FUE technique,” said Dr. Robert Leonard. “Now, he is able to be confident on and off the set-with no false hair needed!”

Dr. Leonard provides many hair transplant options to his patients ranging from the traditional strip method to the the revolutionary new ARTAS Robotic System.  Male pattern hair loss can be a traumatic and devastating condition; Dr. Leonard works to build custom treatment plans with each of his patients, just as he did with Kevin.

If you or someone you know is suffering from hair loss, please contact Dr. Leonard to schedule a free, confidential consultation to explore the many hair restoration options available.