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Kevin Chapman


Good morning,

A few weeks ago, I was quoted in the New York Post when they ran a story on the role of hair as an important indicator of success in business, society and even politics. (”HAIR APPARENT – SURVEY SAYS BALD IS BAD FOR BUSINESS – BUT IS IT?”). Both sides of the debate were discussed, but I thought there were a few key insights that I would share with you.

More than 60% of respondents in a Hair Sciences Center of Colorado poll believe that people are judged by their hair – or lack thereof. Nearly half of those surveyed also think that people with hair are downright smarter. And when it comes to politics, history does speak for itself. I call it the ‘Hair Factor.’ Quite frankly, the odds are stacked against the Fred Thompson’s of the world. Dwight Eisenhower and Zachary Taylor have been the only exceptions in our presidential history. People may not openly admit it, but I really do believe that society views hair loss as a weakness, and given a choice, will pick the person with better hair. This occurs in the workplace, in dating, and in politics. Sure, there are exceptions, but I think innately we are drawn to those that fit within our definition of “normal.” Listening and treating patients for over 20 years, I fully understand the role that hair plays in our sense of self.

So what do you think? What role will hair and the candidates’ overall appearance play in the election and your own personal voting behavior?