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“Dr. Leonard is a world class hair transplant surgeon. My procedure was easy and I can't wait to see the results.”

Fred Toucher
98.5 The Sports Hub Radio Host


Spotlight on Senator Joe Biden’s Hair Transplant

Since Senator Barack Obama announced his running mate, Senator Joe Biden, hair restoration surgery has been propelled to the forefront of American news. Biden infamously underwent hair “plug” surgery and was seen during the early stages of it on national television during the Anita Hill […]

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Your September e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

TV Producer Stan Margolis first noticed his thinning hair when he was in his 20s. It was the 1970s, when style was all about hair, and Stan was losing his – very quickly. That’s when he decided to try a hairpiece on for size. The […]

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Summer is a time for enjoyment!

Happy summer! I just returned from a visit to my family on a somewhat remote island in Greece where the sun was shining and hot. I did a few seaside hair loss consultations–in Greek–when people learned that I was a hair restoration surgeon. I can […]

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What Some Men Would Do for Hair

A recent national study conducted by the makers of Rogaine shows just how far a man would go to avoid losing his hair. When asked what they would give up for their hair, 22% of the 4000 men surveyed said they would give up their […]

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Your July e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

A self-proclaimed pragmatist, 61 year-old Elliott Feldman was not prepared to go out of his way to treat his hair loss. Though he struggled with a loss in confidence and self-esteem since he’d become aware of his balding crown at the age of 55, his […]

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The Latest in Hair Cloning

Having just returned from the hair restoration workshop I recently co-chaired in Rome, Italy, I am excited to share some information on one of the most widely discussed topics of the week – hair cloning. Though some thought they’d never see the day, the latest […]

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Your June e-newsletter from Dr. Leonard

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Rome, Italy, where I was honored to be a part of a very special meeting. In fact, it was the first of its kind. The live hair transplant surgery meeting, titled “Made in Italy: Hair Restoration Live […]

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