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"They actually moved my entire hairline back to where it was in my wedding photos"

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Using ACell with PRP to Preserve and Thicken Hair

At Leonard Hair Transplant Associates, we take pride in offering patients the newest and most effective surgical and non-surgical treatments available for hair loss.

Stem cells and cellular regeneration are the next frontier of hair regeneration. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a component of blood that contains platelets and growth factors. PRP with ACell injection therapy offers a revolutionary way to halt hair thinning, strengthen weakened hair, and stimulate hair growth without surgery, using your own blood and growth factors with little to no downtime.

“From its foundation, Leonard Hair has proven itself to be a leader in the science of hair loss prevention and treatment, and we pride ourselves on being diligent in evaluating the latest treatment options,” said Dr. Matthew Lopresti, Chief Surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates. “After careful study, platelet rich plasma treatments are medically and scientifically proven to provide growth factors , which stimulate hair follicles and promote stabilization and regrowth.”

LHTA is the only hair transplant practice in Rhode Island or Massachusetts to offer PRP with ACell. When added to PRP treatments, ACell stimulates stem-cell activation in the scalp and creates a scaffolding for healthy follicles to grow. It also enhances hair-growth potential by strengthening miniaturized hairs, encouraging them to grow back fuller and with greater density.

“We add ACell to our treatment protocol which creates a more stable scaffolding for the PRP to effectively do its job. This is a huge point of differentiation between our methodology and other practices,” continued Dr. Lopresti.

ACell works by recruiting adult stem cells, along with increased blood supply, to the area of the transplanted grafts. It changes inactive adult stem cells naturally present in the body into active cells to stimulate a healing reaction that duplicates native tissue instead of scar tissue. ACell provides growth factors and proteins needed for tissue generation, and creates a temporary scaffolding for tissue reconstruction that mimics surrounding healthy tissue. This temporary scaffolding slowly releases growth factors until it is metabolized and absorbed by the body, allowing healing and regeneration to be performed by a person’s own cells and tissue. During the healing process, the scaffold is completely resorbed, leaving new tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected.

PRP+ACell is extremely beneficial when used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery. PRP+ACell utilizes the body’s own tissue regeneration mechanism and creates an optimal healing environment for transplanted grafts. After your hair transplant, PRP+ACell will not only improve the healing process, but it will also help strengthen the hair shaft, increase the speed of growth, and maintain the native hair around your grafts. The treatment provides the opportunity to support your existing hair, as well as maximize the success of the grafts.

To learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy with ACell and other non-surgical hair loss treatments please contact our office to schedule an appointment.